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Looking back on a great year for sustainability efforts

Marisa Specht/Office of Sustainability

Happy last week of school Wildcats. The time has finally come for midnight Starbucks runs and banging your head against the wall to focus on studying for finals, but hey, at least the sun has graced us with its presence a couple of times these last few weeks. 

This year has definitely been one for the books in terms of sustainability and we’re sad it’s coming to a close for summer, but we want to remind you to stay super susty the next three months and to return in the fall even more susty than before. 

And to all you graduating seniors… may the sust be with you.

From adding compost to the residence halls to revamping up the annual Earth Week events, this year has definitely brought the campus to a more sustainable level. 

Here are a couple achievements we’ve made here on campus the past 2013/2014 year: 

1) We started off the year with an awesome farmer’s market on campus for those looking for some fresh, local produce.

2) All the freshmen received reusable shopping bags for their first ever college grocery shopping trips.

3) We had our first football season with composting/recycling stations at the home games.

4) We had some super convenient recycling/composting stations set up around major points of campus.

5) We offered a totally rad Green Outreach Alternative Spring Break program

6) We had our second annual Earth Games with all new events, such as a Susty Easter Bike Ride and an Eat Local! workshop.

7) We launched our totally cool, new Resources web pages for the convenience of all you sustainable students.

I don’t know about you, but the susty vibe was strong this year. There was definitely a lot more student involvement and that is exactly what we want to see.

These Garden Work parties aren’t just for those who already know how to garden, just like the sustainability-focused courses offered in our curriculum aren’t just for those studying environmental science or policy. 

There are so many options available for the students, faculty, and staff here at Linfield, it would be crazy for someone to not utilize them.

Fortunately, the Office of Sustainability and Green Team will be moving sometime in the near future to a more central location on campus (it’s the Observatory, but let’s keep this between all 1700 of us, okay?) to be closer to those we want to help most: all you awesome Wildcats.

So on behalf of the entire Office of Sustainability members, we wish you a wonderful summer and are excited to see what next year has in store for us! Don’t forget to stay susty.

The Office of Sustainability can be reached at [email protected]

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