Blame Sally self-releases albums

Pam Delgado, Renne Harcourt, Rob Storm, Jeri Jones, and Monica Pasqual  joined together in 2000 to form the all female band Blame Sally.

After forming up in late 2000, the band hit their stride immediately in 2001.

KFOG in San Francisco picked up the group and began playing them frequently on the popular Bay Area show “ Acoustic Sun-rise.”

With their music being played on the radio, more opportunities opened up for the band leading to more shows in bigger locations.

By the end of 2006, Blame Sally saw their name spread nationally with appearances on XM Radio.

This led to Blame Sally playing more than 50 shows a year. The Band has produced seven albums since joining together in 2001.

The first two were self-released. However, since then, the band has been picked up by Ninth Street Opus, an independent record label located in Berkeley, California.

In 2009, the band had signed on for a three-album deal over five years worth about a half-million dollars.

In 2010, Blame Sally headed overseas and did a 15 show tour in Germany.

They followed this up with another German tour in 2012 that was immediately followed up by their first appearance in the Unit-ed Kingdom.

After their tour, they made an appearance on the Sally Naden Show for BBC Radio

Blame Sally features a steady tempo that features country flare along with some contemporary sounds.

Listeners can hear them by tuning in to KSLC. For more information contact Jerry Young at [email protected]

Jerry Young


Jerry       Young      can          be            reached   at             [email protected]