‘Hello Kitty’ music video offends

Seemingly, no one has talked or thought about Avril Lavigne since her hit song “Girlfriend” died out years ago. But now Avril is back and it seems that she of all people can talk back because of her latest song “Hello Kitty” from her new album.

There is so much wrong with this music video. The most obvious, is that the music video is loosely in the genre of J-pop. This means, that Avril is dressed up in Lolita-esque fashion and is hanging out with Japanese women.

Well, “hanging out” is not quite the right phrase, rather “using Japanese women as props.”

The women are dancing in the background with the facial expressions suggesting that they hate both Avril Lavigne and their lives. Avril’s video is appropriating Japanese culture, much like Coachella did with Native American culture. Avril’s response to the accusations that her music video was racist came on twitter as “RACIST?!? LOLOLOL.”

That response, along with the actual video and song, makes one question the age of Avril Lavigne (she’s almost 30.) The first line of the song is “My mom’s not home tonight…” And I’m just like “Well, duh, you’re a damn married woman.”

The entire song is so juvenile that is beyond the cute factor. It’s just kind of creepy. And why is it creepy? Fake lesbianism.

Essentially the entire song is about engaging in lesbian activities, of which the extent of which is not exactly clear However, Avril is very earnest about showing the girl in question (and getting shown her’s) her “kitty.”

This is just another song that lessens the importance of sexuality and instead turns what is a struggle to some people into a trivial event in which “We won’t talk about tomorrow.”

It’s obvious that this video was not made to be malicious towards the homosexual community or the Japanese people but that is just kind of how it turned out.

In reality, Avril probably just thought she was making a fun music video because she is probably just kind of a vapid person. And when you actually binge watch a solid number of Avril’s more upbeat music videos, you begin to realize that “Hello Kitty” is pretty on par with the other trash that she has released, the only difference is that this particular trash is also culture insensitive.

This music video is great in the same way that the girl that you hate gets broken up with and then gains twenty pounds is great. It is a train wreck that I literally never want to stop watching.

Alas, there is a rumor floating around that it may soon be deleted from the common music video streaming sites, like YouTube and Vimeo. So, if you haven’t seen this trash, rush online and watch it.

But be wary, because this song has been stuck in my goddamn head for like a week.

Paige Jurgensen


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