Student shares artwork at Starbucks

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

The next time you are grabbing your daily dose of caffeine you will be able to see one of Linfield’s own student’s artwork.

Hanging on the walls of the Starbucks across from Albertsons are drawings done by sophomore Doug Sundman.

“I arrived at my painting class taught by Professor Ron Mills, and was pulled aside by one of my good friends [junior] Megan Justice. She gave me a form to fill out to have my work shown for a month in Starbucks, and said that the opportunity is open to all that fill out this form,” Sundman said in an email.

Sundman is excited about his work being featured and also encourages other people who are interested in art to fill out this form.

It is free to exhibit your work at Starbucks.

With pieces in a variety of media and sizes, Sundman worked in pencil, pen, pastel, and acrylic.

The Starbucks’s gallery includes one pencil self-portrait, one pareidolic pencil on watercolor paper, one pareidolic pen sketch, one 40-minute study of a model with acrylic on canvas, and one blue-white and one black-white observational sketches.

Most of the pieces are from observation or are naturalistic drawings, but Sundman is not limited to that style, he also has some of his abstract work featured as well.


“I think it would be cool if an opportunity like this, to display student work, was available at the Starbucks on campus,” Sundman said in an email.

Sundman’s artworks have been up in Starbucks since the beginning of April and will stay there until the end of the month on April 30.

Sundman is open to selling specific pieces if people email him and ask, but would prefer if he has a connection with the person it is going to.

“I would say Guggle is an inspiration for me, as well as all the art majors here at Linfield putting in long nights to complete their works,” Sundman said in an email.

As Vice President of ClubArt, Sundman finds opportunities for student involvement in the arts around the McMinnville community.

Sundman also invites and encourages to students to attend ClubArt meetings held on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. in the Miller Fine Arts Center.

You can visit Sundman’s work at the Starbucks at 829 Keck Dr, McMnnville OR 97128.