Musicians play movie medleys, Mozart

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away in order to hear your favorite film scores. The Linfield Concert Band Goes to the Movies presented ensembles from Mozart to a Disney Medley.

Four students shared the spotlight with professor of music Joan Haaland Paddock when they each got to conducted their own songs hosted by the music department on April 22 in Ice Auditorium.

Paddock introduced each song with the history of the film it was presented in along with a brief background about the composer.

Members of the community also joined the Linfield Concert Band on stage.

Senior Joe Komarek featured three soloists junior flutist Katie van Dyk, junior Clarinetist Quillan Bourassa and sophomore saxophonist Galen Wash as Komarek conducted a piece from the wartime-based film “Mission.”

Senior Zach Davis performed the first movement of a piece he composed himself along with conducting, this was his world premiere of “Andante misterioso —Allegro alla Marcia — Adagio.”

Junior Amanda Pierce, not only got to conduct “The Nightmare Before Christmas” but was also awarded with the 2014 Linfield Concert Band’s Outstanding Musician of the Year award.

Junior Christian Santangelo conducted a Disney medley with six songs ranging from princess films to Star Wars.

Audience members tapped their feet along with the beats of “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan along with the cartoon classic “Mickey Mouse March.”

“A movie medley incorporates pieces for everyone,” Paddock said.“You may see sheet music flying as the musicians turn their pages.”

Audience members whistled along to the concert’s concluding piece, “Colonel Bogey.”

Paddock finished the night of ensembles with flowers to graduating seniors, student conductors and an international student from Japan.

The next event from the music department is the Spring Choral Concert on 4 p.m. May 4 in Ice Auditorium along with an array of senior recitals in May.