Finding a good concert takes effort

Concerts can hold different amounts of importance to music lovers.

Someone may be perfectly content with listening to their favorite artist on Spotify without needing the closeness a concert provides, especially when concert tickets for well-known bands cost a lot more than some college students can afford on a regular basis.

But there are those college students who either like artists who are less known or have enough money to go big with the concerts.

Before someone decides to go to a concert, they should consider a few things first.

Does the ticket price correlate with the amount of esteem you hold for an artist? Throwing in $20 dollars to see a band you might not love but like makes sense, but spending $300 on a concert for an artist you are only a casual listener of probably isn’t a good idea.

It is always fun to see artists that are really popular but usually they are expensive.

You might find yourself enjoying the concert more than you imagined, or you might end up $300 poorer and with a disappointing concert experience.

Another thing to consider would be the scheduling of the concert itself.

You could possibly end up with a concert in the middle of the week.

Depending on location and transportation, you might end up having to cancel some engagements the next day, such as class, or you could end up tiredly muscling through the next day.

Concerts in the summer or on the weekend are usually perfect.

Fortunately, ticket sales happen so far in advance that you have the option to work out your schedule long before the concert itself begins.

Take time to schedule everything out accordingly. From personal experience, I know that people can at times schedule two things on the same day. It’d be good to make sure none of that happens.

Finally, it’d be a good thing to figure out that you have exactly what you need for a concert, a water bottle, your phone, some extra money to buy merchandise.

It is also a good thing to make sure you leave with same objects you attended a concert with. It can be easy to lose something in a large crowd, but constantly making sure you know where all of your belongings are is a good thing to do anywhere that involves a large multitude of people.

Not everyone loves concerts, but those that do better figure out how to go to them while keeping the rest of their lives in order. It’s always a good thing to have strange tastes in music when it comes to concert ticket prices.


Gilberto Galvez

Features editor

Gilberto Galvez can be reached at [email protected]