Take the time to enjoy college life

All around me friends and family are making the biggest choices of their lives.

They are getting married, having kids, buying a new home or getting an amazing job.

Then all at once it’s like everyone looks at me and asks, “So what big thing are happening to you?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which, by the way, I’m completely fine with.

Whatever happened to just going through college to make memories and learn new things?

Everyone at Linfield is here to make their life better in the long run.

We pull all nighters studying hoping that this will lead to good job, a good home and a good size bank account.

However, we seemed to be stuck on that end objective..

One of the major things that the college experience is sup-posed to teach us is how to balance things.

Balancing could include learning how many activities you can handle, and what kind of schedule allows you to have fun and be successful in college.

Not only are people too caught up in their school work to smell the hypothetical roses, but now more than ever before people are speeding up their relationships.

Students are looking at everyone they meet as a possible connection for the future.

Which is in no way a bad thing, but whatever happened to talking to people, because you want to get to know them?

When a speaker in your major comes to campus you want to make that connection for the future, but maybe you should just try to talk to them.

Also people are speeding through their romantic lives as well.

There use to be a big trend over the last couple of years where people would wait to get married until at least their senior year, but it seems that has become out dated.

People that are determined to find love are getting anyone to put a ring on their finger in just the first couple years of college.

Sure it’s a wonderful step to take, but many people should wait awhile before taking it and enjoy just dating.

People who don’t have a special someone are just as bad it seems.

They are practically begging people to date them. I have a single friends almost everyday telling me how much they wish they were dating someone and in a long-term relationship.

There is such a thing as being happy and single.

People don’t need to skip ahead to marriage and having kids.

There are so many thing that you can do when you aren’t in a committed relationship that single people need to do.

Enjoy your time being single, because most likely you won’t be single for too much longer.

More than anything, people just need to relax and enjoy their college years.

They will be over before we know it and then we will be in the real world.

Stephanie Hofmann

Sports editor

Stephanie Hofmann can be reached at [email protected]