Agustana brings ‘Boston’ to Wildstock

Samantha Sigler

After months of secrets, rumors and anticipation, Augustana was revealed to be the performing band for Linfield’s Wildstock 2014.

The band was announced through a video reveal created by the Linfield Activities Board after the showing of Frozen in Ice Auditorium on March 15.

“It was so scary revealing the video,” said junior Allison Halley, vice president of programming for the Associated Students of Linfield College. “It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m really glad that people know but I’m really nervous to hear people’s reactions.”

Halley, whose main project for the year is planning Wildstock, began searching for performers in December, aiming to make Wildstock a more relaxed and festival-like event that all students could enjoy. After scanning different lists of artists and bands,
Halley had first hoped to have Brandi Carlile perform at Wildstock.

“She was more acoustic and slightly country, so she encompassed the whole festival, outdoor concert feel,” Halley said.

However, Carlile was out of the budgeted price range and instead, Halley went with her second choice of Augustana for $20,000.

“[Augustana’s] type of genre can last forever,” Halley said. “It’s not [so] extreme that it’ll fade away.”

Halley has not booked a band for the opening performance, and is planning on having a Battle of the Bands competition instead. The winning band will get to perform before Augustana comes on.

As for activities that will be happening throughout Wildstock, Halley is planning on having several artistic yet active events for students to participate in. There will be face painting and a sports and intramural gear area, as well as several other activities that have not yet been finalized.

There will also be three options for food, with the usual Thai Country and Rib Slayer booths along with another new option that has also not yet been finalized.

“I wanted the feel of Wildstock to be about the music, and not about the attractions before the concert,” Halley said. “From the get go I had a very distinct vision in my head going into the year, but I wanted to make sure to listen to the student body. I’m hoping the vision I have encompasses a little bit of what everyone wants.”

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