Athletic facilities need improvement

Helen Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Linfield offers nine men’s varsity sports, eight women’s varsity sports, and a wide variety of intramural and club sports.

Approximately 30 percent of Linfield students participate in a team sport at the intercollegiate level.

Come football, baseball, and softball seasons, the students and faculty bleed purple and red.

So, why are the weight and fitness rooms pathetic on a college campus that strongly emphasizes athletics?

As a student paying about $47,000 per year, I expect the workout facilities to be more than threadbare.

The gym floor changes in the summer of 2012 were a great start, but the additions to the floor below it seem halfhearted.

The poorly-ventilated rooms, bad lighting, and small range of equipment are the primary concerns, and after countless other beautification projects around campus, it’s time to devote some more funds to the athletic facilities.

One example of the facilities’ inadequacy is the lack of space to do core and other workouts.

Although the 2012 gym renovations created an area for stretching, medicine ball work, and exercises with mats, students still end up resorting to the narrow hallway outside the weight room, and their training is frequently interrupted as students walk by.

Linfield should rethink its changes in the area, or at the very least, provide students with more workout and training options.

These could include rowing machines, multiple weight sets, and informational how-to posters for first-time users.

Additionally, the cardiovascular workout room needs more equipment.

The cardiovascular workout room has ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, and stair machines, but the room is small and frequently overcrowded.

The college tries to promote student health and wellness, but the current weight and fitness rooms undermine that message.

If Linfield is serious about helping its students become health-conscious, well-rounded people, then it needs to address this issue.