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To-go meals at Dillin pose obsolete


Students receive emails every month about the most recent changes to Dillin Hall.

Surveys are also sent out by Sodexo asking students’ opinions and feedback.

Though they are listening to what we want, our needs have not been met and yet, a to-go system is nowhere to be seen.

There are many days that I will have to be studying 24/7 and would wish that I could just quickly get something to eat to bring back to my dorm room.

To do this without the cooperation of the Dillin staff, involves either smuggling a sandwich covered by napkins out the front door or casually carrying plates of food out the back. This seems quite extreme.

Not only is there not an option for students that are too pressed for time, but there is no way to get food to people who are unable to make it to Dillin.

Sure, they have an option to get to-go food if you are sick, but I don’t think anyone really knows how to use that in the first place.

In order to get these boxes you have to call the Dillin office and tell them that you are sick.

You then need to get a friend to bring your ID card to a manager and then they will get you some food.

Also there are people who can’t physically get there.

With spring sports starting up, there are a lot more injuries occurring and that means more people who won’t be able to get to Dillin Hall.

For people who have something broken or suffering too much pain to get out of bed, there is no way to get them food.

From a personal experience, a staff member was asked last week if food could be brought to a friend that couldn’t make it to Dillin due to injury.

But then they explained, “That if they were here yesterday, then they could come here today.”

Believe it or not people’s conditions can change in less than 24 hours.

When people are unable to get food, there aren’t any conventional ways to do the balancing trick of carrying large bowls and plastic cups without anyone noticing.

Sure, they are already technically paid for because every student on the meal plan pays for two of every piece of silverware and dishes, instead that money should be used to invest in to-go boxes.

First, people wouldn’t be stealing school property and then we could use this money to benefit everyone.

The to-go situation needs to be fixed.

We spend so much money on each meal that we should be able to actually eat every meal.

Stephanie Hofmann / Sports editor

Stephanie Hofmann can be reached at [email protected]

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