Hate speech and graffiti discovered

Samantha Sigler

Samantha Sigler / Editor-in-chief

Offensive graffiti was found carved in the snow on top of various cars on campus during January term break, including a swastika and hate speech.

A Residence Life staff member walking by Memorial Hall found the graffiti, and immediately removed it from the snow so that no one else would see the offensive language and marks.

“I was saddened to that this could occur on campus,” Susan Hopp, vice president of Student Affairs and Athletics/Dean of Students, said in an email. “But I also recognize that this could be the result of a non-Linfield person.”

There are no suspects at the moment, and there have not been any other reports of similar incidents on campus or in McMinnville. Linfield faculty is working toward educating all campus community members about the negative effects of hate speech, incidents of bias and discrimination.

“I can speak for the student affairs staff and say that we are always upset when we see hurtful, inconsiderate and hate speech,” Hopp said. “Most Linfield students find this behavior abhorrent and we must work together to eliminate bias and hate speech from the college community.”

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