‘Cal Hal’ song only represents athletes

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

Junior Calvin Howell released his music video, “I’m a Linfield Wildcat” under his rapper pseudonym, Cal Hal.

The upbeat song that is performed by one of Linfield’s own shows pride that is directed towards all of the sports teams.

In a song that is about a college, it is assumed that it would have something to do with education since the overall goal is a degree rather than a medal.

Being enrolled at Linfield, this song reflects the school’s reputation.

We are all smart individuals with our own talents, with a song that says, “Linfield Wildcats, yeah we ‘da best,” makes it sound like students on campus only talk in slang.

Throughout the entire song there is a lack of proper grammar.

Sure, there is a rap culture that promotes people to say fragmented sentences, but in reality no one on campus talks with such a dialect.

The entire song focuses on Linfield’s athletic teams, but as a private college and as a Division III school, education is supposed to take priority.

Although we are an athletically gifted school, there is more to campus than just the Northwest Conference.

The music video was first presented during the Nov. 9 halftime show for the Linfield-Puget Sound football game, which just goes to show that it was mainly intended for a sports loving audience.

Mainly, we the people who wish we were athletically gifted, are just jealous.

Not being featured in the music video is a disregard to all of the hard work other people put into their not-so-sporty passions; it feels like high school all over again.

Linfield has students that sound like long lost relatives of Beethoven, these incredible talents are writing entire musical compositions, and yet the hip-hop song does not cover any aspect of the artistic nor scholarly community.

The song is available for download on iTunes, which makes it automatically official.

Also the music video is available on YouTube on CalHalTV, so you can stream and dance to this song while you are feeling extra school spirited.

Regardless, the song’s catchy chorus has been stuck in everyone’s head for over a week.

In all honesty, it is an honor that Cal Hal did the entire production in the first place; the cinematography in “I’m a Linfield Wildcat” captures McMinnville’s small town beauty.

Putting together an entire song takes a lot of time. Not to mention coordinating a music video to go along with it. Cal Hal should be applauded for his and others ability to portray Linfield through a music video.

Overall, Linfield is a talented school in every department, sport, club and team.

It is pretty cool to say, that as a small school, we have a student that is passionate enough to publicize his affection for little ole Linfield.

So, when Cal Hal becomes famous one day he cannot forget his college town in the outskirts of Oregon because he sang a song about it.