Students give back during Halloween

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We all know how the stereotypical college Halloween goes, from the skimpy costumes to the spooky parties.

However, Linfield has proven—yet again—to go beyond this typical college stereotype and instead use this holiday as an opportunity to join together and give back to the McMinnville community.

Christmas is no longer the only giving season. Linfield students give back and donate to the community on this holiday as well.

This Halloween, like the many ones before it, students went out of their way to be charitable volunteers, and it should be recognized.

For example, Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Si Delta organized a haunted house on Oct. 25.

The entrance fee was either three dollars or two cans of food.

The money was donated to the Henderson House and the food donations went to the Yamhill Community Action Partnership.

This is an annual event that shows a perfect way to combine the Halloween spirit and the spirit of giving.

Another great event the school hosts annually is the trick-or-treat tour on campus, during which local children sign up to go trick-or-treating through the dorms on Oct. 31.

This is a great chance for students to interact and get involved in the community.

It is also a great chance to show the community as a whole that Linfield students care for more than just themselves.

Seeing students give back on a holiday that is primarily known for its partying and pranks shows how truly dedicated students at Linfield are.

We hope that this trend continues and the season of giving is no longer just during Christmas, but instead year round. If anyone could do this, it is Linfield students.


-The Review Editorial Board