Campus security is here to help

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

College students often think of campus security as a threat. The general public fears authority; citizens believe that police are primarily out to arrest rather than help.

On Oct. 21, a 12-year old boy in Nevada brought a gun to his middle school, killed a teacher, a student and in the end, himself.

There was hardly any news coverage, most people were unaware this tragic event happened.

When it comes to social media, people post about lost souls until another bad thing happens and they forget about the original problem. The Nevada shooting is constantly being compared to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place on Dec. 14, 2012, where one man killed 26 people, most of which were innocent children.

In Nevada, the boy killed himself after he committed the shooting. People often focus on the murderer’s madness and the victims are often tossed aside, but in this case no one is sure whether to blame the boy or to pity him. Both massacres ended in the killers taking their own lives, their suffering caused physical and emotional pain to others.

The media always searches for a person to blame. It is always someone who made the killer do it or the victims who could have antagonized the crime, but society is never blamed.

Guns were taken to places with a lack of security, and people who shouldn’t have died found themselves at the end of black barrel. Easily, this could have been our beloved college.

With an open campus and unlocked academic buildings during workday hours, anyone with a weapon could’ve entered a classroom and released fire. Luckily, Linfield’s Campus Protection Services patrols at all times ensuring the safety of its students.

As a student make use of CPS’s 24-hour coverage; there are conveniently placed call boxes around campus for a good reason.

CPS’s phone number is on every Linfield ID card, which goes to show that they are willing to help you at all times.

Although Linfield takes precautionary steps to ensure safety on campus, you never know if you in the presence of a maniac.

But do not listen to media’s idea of a maniac. In a high stress environment like college, you never know when someone will crack under all the pressure.

Anyone can be having an internal struggle, even a minor. As an individual, you should be that kind of person that either helps others before it is too late and remorse is inevitable.