Modern musicians lack authentic emotion

Rosa Johnson, Copy Editor

The meaning of music has deteriorated by music companies and has left a shallow imprint on society.

Within the hour, the same song is heard on multiple occurrences. Usually it is about getting wasted, laid or does not even have a point at all; catchy choruses are the only goal.

Music has been a part of human culture since we have developed the sense of sound.

Evolution is supposed to have mankind adapt to become better, but as time goes on our lyrics have lost their true position in expression. Inappropriate and awful sounds are being publicly played to the ears of the people and less bad words are filtered each year.

The output quality is low and artists no longer have any natural talent besides their appearance. Their actual voices are disguised by digitalized auto-tuning which hides the possible talent that they could actually obtain.

Without the ideal look, performers would not be able to survive the cruel world of critics and paparazzi.

The music industry focuses on what can make them the most money, not about the songs that you can cry to after a major break up with your significant other, but whatever fills their wallets.

Revolutionary artists never focus on what would get them to the top of the charts, they perform for their passion of entertainment and music.

Bands that had their own unique sound would change their tunes just to appeal to the mainstream sound every record label wants.

With everyone trying to be the same, individuality is hard to come across each musician tries to be weird to get attention, but they are all merely reflecting one another.

Since musicians are all producing similar songs as one another, they become  predictable to other artists which makes them appear  flat.

Ballads about love or depression become deformed and morph into songs with similar topics of partying.

There is always an underlying worry that a favorite band will be corrupted after being played on the radio.         Without the public in mind, the only ones to enjoy these repetitive beats are the record companies and radio stations.

Reoccurring artist are on each frequency. People used to rely on radios for genuine entertainment and facts but today it is just a hoax.

Talent can be found as easily as it can be ruined. Many bands and other artists feel the need to change themselves so they can fit the ideal mold that feels necessary in order to become famous.

Copycats and unoriginal ideas are being tossed back and forth.

Media companies make it seem that a musical artist has to be weird in order to be known. Now that being an oddball is cool, everyone is doing dressing strangely or acting bizarre which is deceiving to their actual character.

Everyone is wearing excessive makeup and revealing clothing to get attention from the media.

It is not art anymore to the audience.

Anyone can post a video on Youtube and become famous for what they love to do but only a few that our society accepts will make it to the top.