Comedian entertains with magically mature humor

Rosa Johnson, Copy Editor

Exposing hilarity through visual trickery, Derek Hughes received a demanded, and much deserved, standing ovation.

The Linfield Activities Board invited the stand-up magician to perform at Linfield College on Oct. 5, with audience members actively participating throughout his act.

“I will now walk toward the audience and let you touch me,” Hughes said.

Laughter was constant; with Hughes’ raunchy humor, students adored his comedy.

Through witty remarks and physical humor, Hughes surprised and lured the audience in with traditional card tricks then with his jokes.

Hughes began his tricks with objects such as rope, cards and books, giving them to audience members and having them join him on stage; making it much more interactive and enjoyable.

The comedian had a collaboration of clumsy and nerdy jokes. What looks like mistakes were actually built in to the act, seen when he “dropped” a piece of newspaper that became important later when he read the minds of students in the audience.

Topping off the end of the show, the magician-comedian’s final acts consisted of balancing ping pong balls on his nose and a twist on the traditional, “Is this your card?” trick.

Hughes revealed the location of an audience member’s lost card by flashing the crowd his bare behind.

After the show, students interacted with Hughes and had the chance to talk to him and were even able to thank the performer personally.

“Hughes performed at Linfield last year and I hope he comes back next year,” freshman Rachel Williams said.



Spencer Beck/Freelance photographer

Comedian Derek Hughes performs magic tricks along with his comedy act on Oct. 5 in Ice Auditorium. Hughes finished off his show with a ping pong ball being balanced on his nose for his final act for the night.