Intramural sports face changes

Samantha Sigler

Linfield’s new Associated Students of Linfield College Sports Director has big plans for rebranding and changing the way that intramural sports are run at Linfield College.

“[When] you get into a position, I always want to look at what can be different,” said senior Zane Carey, ASLC sports director.

Carey has increased publicity for intramural sports, such as football, which has 40 more players signed up compared to last year’s roster. By personalizing emails sent out to encourage students to participate, designing flyers and creating a Facebook page for intramural sports, Carey is aiming to transform the way that students perceive intramural sports.

“I think Zane did a better job of getting publicity out in a timely manner, so that students had time to see the publicity and sign up,” said Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, in an email. “This has been a problem in years past with publicity not going up far enough in advance.”

Additional changes for the year include cutting intramural Frisbee, as Carey believes that students who wish to continue playing Frisbee can join the Frisbee club. In its place, Carey wants to begin the intramural volleyball season earlier in the year.

Plans are being made to also begin intramural indoor soccer, also known as “futsol.” At the moment Carey wants to find out if students would even be interested in participating in futsol. If they are, he plans on purchasing the equipment and getting the logistics figured out to make it easier for the next ASLC Sports Director to implement the new intramural sport.

“Too many people just [go] along with the motions,” Carey said. “That’s definitely my pet peeve.”

Carey also plans on giving more power to his four intramural Sports Commissioners. In year’s past the commissioners have mainly dealt with field setup for each sport, Carey plans on having each commissioner come up with a project that they can “tackle” throughout the year.

“I think it’s good that we have [an] intramural Sports Director who is willing to look at our offering critically and try something new,” Fergueson said. “Hopefully, students will think the same.”

By Samantha Sigler/Editor in chief

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