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Students are addicted to Netflix

Friday night, you don’t want to do homework and you especially don’t want to change out of your comfy pants. Netflix is the best solution to all of your anti-social problems.

Practically everyone else on this planet has a membership.

Paying only eight dollars per month, your wallet can do a happy dance because it is unlimited. Netflix has a plethora of life benefits. Nothing is better than saving tons of your piggy bank money, especially while on a college budget.

It’s all so exciting, especially when you can indulge yourself for a cheap price or mooch off of your parent’s account for free.

Now that Netflix has its own profile options, you don’t have to look lame in front of your date when it suggests some of your mom’s foreign soap-opera dramas.

If you were to take a significant other to the movie theater, you would have to pay for movie tickets and you don’t even have the power to choose what movie you watch at your fingertips. Almost like one of the superheroes on one the best rated films.

Even worse is the uncertainty of getting any end-of-the-date-action, since there are people surrounding you the whole time at a movie theater.

When you find out that other people Netflix binge on the same exact shows that you do, a friendship that will be forever has just been scripted.

If you haven’t seen someone in a few days and you notice that they recently liked the Facebook page for a television sitcom, you can assume that they could be diagnosed with an addiction to Netflix.

Life as a Netflix junkie is overwhelmingly time-consuming. The lack of commercials and access to continuous seasons makes it hard to justify attending any other event.

Until the day arrives that Netflix doesn’t update the latest episode of your favorite show and you have to wait for the show to air on an actual television during a scheduled interval on a commercial-filled channel, it is a good idea to stay tuned to Netflix.

The cycle never ends, once you have hit the end of a series and you begin to scroll through your recommendations, Netflix will never fail to absorb all of your recreational activities into endless amounts of television.

But don’t fear, there is probably a support group for television addicts, complete with complimentary coffee and tissues.

Set up a system in which you can reward yourself with episodes to split up productivity with the homey luxury that college kids crave.

Rosa Johnson / Copy editor

Rosa Johnson can be reached at [email protected].

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