Emojis affect educational evolution

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

The Egyptians were revolutionary—they created the Great Pyramids, which historians to this day still do not believe was their work.

Our current generation is not much different. With mankind’s alien-esque technology and inventions for everything, the strong similarity between the past and present of humanity is relevant.

Cognitively, the Egyptians created one of the first written languages, hieroglyphics. Consisting of carvings with literary meaning, Egyptians began one of the most creative categories of communication.

Apple followed this up with the Emoji. Emoji, the Japanese term for ideograms or “smileys” is a term that has been adapted into daily iPhone culture.

Android phones do not have these adorable Mac characters. This separation between who can and cannot read and receive these pixelated faces is similar to the literacy of the Egyptians.

The Egyptians created hieroglyphics in preliterate times, a time when the arts were easily understood universally and was expressive communication was preferred to reading.

With over 21 million Emoji users on “Team iPhone,” this form of faces is increasing in popularity.

But does this mean that our Intelligence quotient is decreasing as Emoji usage is gaining popularity?

We are equally as smart as the Egyptians, if not more with evolution, but our dependency on technology has dumbed us down. Googling our curiosities, all of the answers right at our fingertips. When it comes to homework, we turn to the Internet relying on the answers to appear in split seconds. Since we do not work for our knowledge by doing the excessive work to acquire it, it does not retain in our minds. We wait for others to have the answers for us.

The Internet culture has less grammar and more spelling errors, making it a casual encounter.

People drag these habits into reality, using text lingo and emoticons in spoken conversation. The primary example we have all heard is when a group of giggling girls start screaming “OMG LOL” when something exciting happens. We have all heard it, thus we have all wanted to slowly hit our heads on the nearest wall with faces of disapproval.

It is becoming more common for people to own smart phones, when they were first released it seemed like only business men who constantly needed to check their emails had to have one. But now you can see everyone’s faces smushed into his or her phones while walking.

For the fate of humanity, let’s hope we don’t walk into a pole, we’ve already lost enough brain cells as is.