Jake Baker: He does it all with time to spare

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Senior Jake Baker takes full advantage of his college experience, not

wasting a second of it

Senior Jake Baker has a large appetite for leadership

Friends describe him as loud, outspoken, passionate, competitive and over the top, but in a positive way, of course.

Senior Jake Baker is the Associated Students of Linfield College’s vice president, co-captain of the men’s soccer team, a Pi Kappa

Jake Baker headshot

Baker can’t get enough of leadership; he’s the vice president of ASLC, co-captain of the soccer team, and is a member of Pi Kappa
Erin Heltsley/Freelance photographer

Alpha brother, the fraternity’s scholarship chair and vice president of Greek Honor Society Order of Omega. Needless to say he is a

busy body surging with energy and excitement to leave a lasting impact on the Linfield community during his last year as a Wildcat


“By the time I am done here I want to look back on the year and actually be able to see what I have helped accomplish,” Baker

said. “I want people to remember me as a leader who practiced what I preached and for doing everything in my power to make things

happen in whatever venue I am in.”

Some may say that Baker is spreading himself too thin. That is not the case for this organized go-getter. He uses the calendar on his

cellphone to keep track of ASLC meetings, fraternity get togethers and soccer practices, he even blocks out time to work on homework

and hang out with his friends. Baker swears by establishing a simple and repetitive routine to keep all of his responsibilities under


Baker transferred to Linfield from Western Oregon University after his sophomore year. The McMinnville resident felt like he wasn’t

being pushed academically, and wanted the opportunity to play soccer under the leadership of his stepdad while being a part of

Linfield’s intimate community.

“For me, being involved on campus has opened a lot of doors,” Baker said. “The various leadership positions that I hold have

given me the opportunity to meet fellow students who have made a lasting impact on me. It’s awesome, I am figuring myself out as an

individual, while making a positive contribution to my school.”

Jake Baker online

Senior Jake Baker practices with his team for the an upcoming game. When Baker is not on the field, he is with his fraternity, helping
with ASLC or studying for his political science major.
Erin Heltsley/Freelance photographer

When Baker is not darting down the soccer field, hanging out with his fraternity brothers, leading a senate meeting or checking up on

Greek Life he is most likely studying. He will be graduating in the spring with a political science major and gender studies minor.

Baker attributes athletics for instilling a work ethic that is valuable to him in every facet of his life. If you couldn’t guess it, Baker is

struggling to narrow his focus in on one goal as vice president of the student body.

“I want to look back on the year and be able to put my finger on the changes that have occurred on campus,” he said. “I know

the students have ideas about what can be improved and I want to act on it. Rubber will meet the road with that here in the next few


One of Baker’s main goals is to collaborate with other clubs, organizations, faculty and students in the Linfield community on


“I want the student government to be more involved on campus,” he said. “We want to focus on projects that will benefit the entire

student body.”

For someone who has been a part of athletic teams since he could walk, Baker emphasizes comradery among his peers in order to

see success as a school.

“I feel really blessed to have classes with so many smart, fun and sociable people,” Baker said. “People don’t even understand how

much of an impact we can have on one another. We can’t take for granted.”

By Sarah Mason/ Copy Editor


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