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The Sage warms the taste buds

If you find yourself wandering down Third Street on an empty stomach, The Sage is definitely worth making a pit stop.

This restaurant makes for a quick and convenient lunch gathering.

With their menu being made up of a variety of sandwiches, fresh salads and warm soups, they are all served with their homemade

wheat bread.

My go-to order was the vegetarian sandwich with a cup of their creamy tomato soup.

Though I am personally a big fan of the tomato soup, their creamy broccoli soup seems to be a favorite amongst many of their


This week, freshman Cassidy Mace was able to check dining at The Sage off her list of restaurants to explore, something she was

looking forward to when she arrived in McMinnville.

“The food not only is delicious, but has a homemade feel, which is nice; I’d absolutely eat here again,” Mace said.

Mace enjoyed the bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich with a cup of their broccoli soup.

One of my favorite things about their sandwiches here, in addition to their bread, is the sunflower seeds.

Something so little, but adds a perfect amount of crunch to every bite. At first, finding The Sage can be a little tedious since it shares

an entrance.

You have to enter La Bella Casa or Cupcake Couture to locate it, making it McMinnville’s best kept secret to those not familiar with

the area.

Once you see the stairs to the loft, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

Any time after 1 p.m. seems to be the best time to stop by in hopes of avoiding the wave of regulars, due to the limitation of only

having lunch hours and sparse seating.

Students looking to eat food worthy of leaving campus for, that’s not Muchas Gracias, should gather up a few friends and make a

lunch trip to The Sage.

Though I’ve noticed that The Sage attracts a more mature crowd, the atmosphere is extremely friendly, warm and organic, nothing

too extravagant and simply just homemade.

Special Lovincey

Columnist Special Lovincey can be reached at [email protected].

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