Pitcher looks at game as team effort

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His baseball career began in kindergarten when his parents tossed wiffle balls to him, swinging a large plastic bat that was as tall as he was.

Sophomore Aaron Thomassen now sports #42 from the pitcher’s mound for the Linfield baseball team. At a young age, his father told him he could be a good ballplayer if he committed himself and put extra effort in to improve his game.

“Baseball is very different because it is a game where failure occurs more often than success,” Thomassen said. “The game forces me to deal with not always getting my way and has taught me leadership on and off the field. I know my actions can affect others so I’ve learned to tame some of my emotions.”

Thomassen enjoys Linfield baseball because it is a collective effort to succeed. He says baseball does not rely on one person to get the win, and it is a game that is usually won by multiple players.

“At Linfield, baseball is all about the team,” he said. “We know we have talent from the returning players, but we have witnessed that talent does not always win games. We have strong leadership from the upperclassmen and underclassmen who want to compete for positions. The team chemistry this year is unlike any other team I’ve played for. We compete with one another while still having fun, and we all expect to win.”

As a pitcher, Thomassen feels he can control the game and help his team succeed.

“Baseball is a game of momentum,” he said. “If I can control the other team’s momentum, it gives my team a better shot of winning. I’m a pretty high energy guy when I’m pitching, so if I get out of a tough situation, I generally won’t hold back my excitement.”

Thomassen says success never gets old, and he enjoys sharing the team’s accomplishments with his supportive family and friends.

“I’m looking forward to a couple more dog-piles, hopefully,” he said. “Surprisingly, they never get old.”

Aside from his teammates, Thomassen shares his baseball success with friends and family. He shares a unique bond with his grandmother, Joelle, who pays close attention to the team’s stats and conference standings.

This summer he will play baseball for the Fort Collins Foxes in Fort Collins, Colo., in preparation for next season.

“I enjoy playing baseball because their is a feeling unlike any other feeling when you succeed in sports,” Thomassen said. “For me, the sport is baseball, and I have always cherished succeeding with my teammates. Nothing gives me the drive to succeed as much as baseball does.” 


Sarah Mason/Features editor

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