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Young voice sings of love in new album

The topic of love often plagues the minds of young girls throughout their teenage years, but most cannot express it in such a delicate and soulful way as 17-year-old singer- songwriter Olivia Millerschin does in her new album, “Yes.No.Maybe So.”

The Michigan songstress is set to open on a nation-wide tour opening for Teddy Geiger starting this April.

Millerschin has a soulful voice similar to some of her folk-acoustic predecessors like Sara Bareilles or Colbie Caillat.

Millerschin’s songs have a light airy feel that is reminiscent of teenage summer days. She has a sound similar to that of acoustic group Garfunkel and Oates and, like the aforementioned, has a knack for humor with songs like “Screw Valentine’s Day.”

Her music isn’t comedic, however. She has an ability to analyze love and look at life and success and the future; all things that kids on the brink of adulthood think about.

She doesn’t approach these subjects like a normal teenager, however. She has a maturity about her, and her voice moves you away from images of teen troubles to seeing her lyrics as truly relevant to the transformation into adulthood.

Although only 17 years old, Millerschin has gotten critics to take notice. In her short career, she has been nominated for three Detroit Music Awards and performed at numerous festivals throughout the country.

The album hits its best moments early with her up-and-coming hit “Screw Valentine’s Day” and is at its best on the fourth track “I Can Say.” The song tackles the perils of letting others dictate your path and hold you back from your future.

“I was once a tree, rising from the ground,” Millerschin sings. “Winter, spring, summer, or fall, I still grew tall till you cut me down. Are you really happy now?”

The album has a bit of an up and down feel to me. It isn’t well-paced and jumps from fast to slow and deep to light hearted without much guidance for the listener.

This pace certainly doesn’t take away from her talent. Millerschin is a well-versed songstress and the album has the ability to capture the attention of the listener for the duration.

To hear Olivia Millerschin’s “Yes.No.Maybe So.” tune into 90.3 KSLC or listen online at and look for her opening nationwide on the Teddy Geiger tour beginning this month.


Tyler Sedlacek/KSLC staff

Tyler Sedlacek can be reached at [email protected].

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