Dining changes coming to Linfield fall 2013

Samantha Sigler

Linfield facilities is planning more changes for Dillin Hall, Jazzman’s and Catty Shack for fall 2013.

Changes include replacing Jazzman’s with a Starbucks, altering the inside of Dillin Hall and making changes to the meal plans.

The changes are taking place after years of regional and national focus groups and surveys were conducted to discover what students wanted around campus.

“The Starbucks will be a real, licensed Starbucks,” said Bill Masullo, director of dining services. “We will still have as many, if not more, students working there.”

On June 3, 2013, the inside of Dillin Hall will be completely gutted out to make way for new equipment and format.

There will be additional stations for students to choose from, such as a vegan and vegetarian area, dietary concerns area and an international food station.

The salad bar will also double in size, and there will be a day and night dining area that includes a deli, bakery, espresso beverages, omelets, salads and grab-and-go items.

“There will be more opportunities to keep things fresh,” Masullo said. “It will bring out more of that restaurant feel.”

The seating area will also be changing next year.

Facilities plans to expand and open up the seating area to make Dillin Hall be a place where anyone can come in and relax without feeling like they have to buy something, said Allison Horn, director of facilities and auxiliary services.

“Part of the dysfunction in the years I’ve been here is there’s not a lot of places to go,” Masullo
said. “It gives us the opportunity to do more things.”

Masullo hopes that with these changes there will be more opportunities for students to do things in Dillin Hall, such as participating in cooking classes, having their classes taught there and having more student events.

“It will be a place anyone can come in and hang out,” Masullo said. “We want to foster that sense of community.”

Catty Shack will also be different next year, as it will be mainly “sundry items,” Masullo said.

It will still have fresh produce and various items that Albertsons sells.

As far as meal plans go, there will be three options for students to choose from.

The plan A includes unlimited meals plus $125 declining balance, plan B will have 12 meals per week plus $330 declining balance and plan C will have 100 block meals per semester and $600 declining balance.

Freshmen will automatically be assigned to plan A to reassure parents and freshmen that they will have enough to eat their first semester in college.

All meals inside Dillin Hall will also be all you can eat, Horn said.

Because Linfield College is working alongside Sodexo for these changes, none of the money spent will be taken from tuition money, Masullo said.

“We’re very excited to have a project at this scale with a committed partner like Sodexo,” Horn said. “We’re really excited.”


Samantha Sigler/News editor

Samantha Sigler can be reached at [email protected].