TLR announces 2013-14 editor-in-chief

Samantha Sigler

The Linfield Review has hired an editor-in-chief for the 2013-14 school year, after assessing two applicants.

Sophomore Samantha Sigler, currently acting as the Review’s news editor, was chosen to fill the position.

Sigler was hired April 12, after undergoing an interview process with Brad Thompson, associate professor of mass communication; Lisa Weidman, assistant professor of mass communication; and senior Jessica Prokop, the current editor-in-chief.

Junior Kelsey Sutton, managing editor for the Review, also applied for the position.

Apart from an in-person interview, both applicants were required to submit an application, containing answers to supplemental questions, a résumé, examples of their work and two recommendation letters. They were also asked to revise the Review’s budget and write a one-page response justifying the changes they would make.

“It was a difficult decision because we had to choose between two well-qualified applicants. The newspaper would have been in good hands either way,” Thompson said. “[Sigler] has a vision for the paper that is going to take hard work but seems realistic and achievable.”

Sigler said that as editor-in-chief, she hopes to increase readership around campus and have more of an online presence, through expressing the importance of staying up on campus news.

“Even though we are a student-run newspaper we still play an important role on campus. It’s our job to inform students, staff, faculty, administration and alumni about what is going on around campus,” Sigler said.

Sigler has worked for the Review the past two years. During that time, she served as the copy editor for part of a semester and news editor for a year and a half.

In high school, she worked on The Bronco Blaze at Parkrose High School for four years.

“It was encouraging having two students show interest in the position. For the past few years, we have only had one student apply,” Prokop said. ”The current staff has been trying to generate a greater interest in the Review, and it seems to be paying off.”

Sigler will assume the position of editor-in-chief in May.

“I look forward to working with [Sigler] and her staff next year,” Thompson said.

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