Linfield’s Circle K Service Week

Samantha Sigler


Linfield’s Circle K club participated in an international week of service April 1-5.

Service events throughout the week included a campus cleanup, making stress balls, working in the Linfield community garden, tabling in front of Graf Hall and having a movie night.

“It’s a week for other people to get involved [and] a great way for us to connect as a club,” said senior Katharine Holm, co-president of the Circle K Club. “We were having fun the whole time.”

On April 6, Circle K also participated in a service event painting and cleaning the yard at the Henderson House, which was put together by the McMinnville Kiwanis Club.

“They’re really great. They fund us a lot and give us a lot of support,” Holm said.

Circle K is sponsored by the McMinnville Kiwanis Club, which is an adult community service organization similar to Circle K. The Kiwanis Club donates money, helps with projects and participates in community service activities alongside Circle K.

The Circle K Club has about 20 active members, and Holm is hoping that this service week will help raise awareness and increase membership for the club.

“We have a wide variety of active people, and it’s going really well. We’re sort of rebuilding the club this year,” Holm said.

Other charities the Circle K Club fundraises for include the Kiwanis March of Dimes and the Eliminate Project.

The Circle K Club is also planning to host a bonfire fundraiser toward the end of April to raise money for the Kiwanis children’s cancer program. There will be raffles, music and food for everyone who attends.

“I would encourage everybody to get involved with Circle K,” Holm said. “It’s a really great way to give back, have fun and meet new people.”

Samantha Sigler/News editor

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