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Rapper kick starts his career through mix-tape

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper, DyMe-A-DuZin, is making big waves in the hip-hop game with his new mix-tape “A Portrait of Donnovan.”

The rapper is part of the Brooklyn collective Phony Ppl, known for its live instrumentals and having members so young they couldn’t get in to some of the clubs they were booked to play.

DyMe-A-DuZin has enlisted Plain Pat (Drake, Kid Cudi and Alicia Keys) to oversee the production of his first solo project,  along with some other big names like Emile Haynie and Harry Fraud.

The mix-tape certainly has the production feel of something akin to Kid Cudi, but the rapper soon establishes his own prowess on the mic with his first track, “It’s Alright Now.”

The song has a slow hook where DyMe assures the listeners, “It’s alright now, at least right now,” as he puts the rap game on notice with a quick fire and fierce first verse.

Although the album features many underground rap sounds, it blends a nice pop sound that could hook any popular music fan, particularly the song “Memories.”

However, the album shows its most promise when it pushes the boundaries and channels the newer sounds that are taking over hip-hop today.

DyMe enlists the help of fellow Brooklyn spitters PRO ERA for the track “Swank Sinatra.” He adopts the golden era ’90s sound of PRO ERA with a slowed down track and a smooth beat; horns move the melody along under precise and smooth raps.

“A Portrait of Donnovan” focuses on a variety of subjects but mainly the struggles faced by a young up-and-coming rapper. DyMe-A-DuZin raps about his skills on the mic, the struggle to make it in the rap game, making money and even the absence of his father.

On the song “Father’s day,” he details life growing up with a father who was in jail. He talks about missed graduations and holidays and the struggle faced by his family.

He raps, “And I’m reminded every Father’s Day, years of birthdays you never sent a call my way, years I needed male advice, and you were gone away. ‘Have faith, God is your father.’ That’s what my mom would say.”

It’s an eclectic album that has something on it for everyone.

“A Portrait of Donnovan” lays down the foundations for what could be a powerful rise to the top for DyMe-A-DuZin.

On “Wake up Free” he raps, “Mista mista don’t you tell me what to do, you might be bigger bigger but I got aspirations too.”

DyMe wants to make it and with the work he puts in on this album success is certainly within reach.

This project is a success and a great look at what is coming for hip-hop. A$AP and Kendrick Lamar are leading the charge, and with talent like DyMe-A-DuZin close behind, the rap game looks like it is in store for a resurgence of the golden era.

DyMe goes on tour in Europe starting April 11 in Ireland and his mix-tape, “A Portrait of Donnovan,” can be downloaded for free on his website at

Tyler Sedlacek/For the Review

Tyler can be reached at [email protected]

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