Linfield Review wins national recognition for sexual assault series

Linfield Review wins national recognition for sexual assault series

Anne Walkup, Staff Writer

October 25, 2020

The Linfield Review was selected to win the 2020 Reveille Seven College Press Freedom Award granted by the Student Press Law Center (SPLC). The Review was recognized for its series of 12 stories focusing on sexual misconduct on Linfield’s campus published in the spring of 2020. Collegiate newspaper...

Linfield alters spring schedules in hopes of accommodating COVID-19 health guidelines

Students adapt to changes announced to the spring schedule.

Alexandra Feller, Editor-in-chief

October 23, 2020

The administration announced a final decision about January and spring term schedules in the Linfield Ahead email on Monday evening. The email announcement confirmed that January term will be moved to May and spring semester will start January 18.  These changes will only impact the McMinnville campus and Online...

A new platform for campus events and activities comes to Linfield

Engage can be accessed by searching

Kate Walkup, Staff Writer

October 22, 2020

This semester, Linfield University adopted the Engage online platform as a way of promoting events, performing contact tracing, and conducting surveys. Will this new way of communicating with students about various events be a successful way of creating a better community around campus?  Engage is a w...

Proposed changes to January term reveals mixed feelings among students

The Atrium in Murdock Hall was popular among STEM students. Light always shines through the West-facing floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a warm environment for students to meet for group projects or kill time between classes in Graf and Murdock. The chairs have stayed positioned the same since campus closure.

Alexandra Feller, Editor-in-Chief

October 17, 2020

Campus has been buzzing with conversations and half-accurate rumors about an administrative proposal detailing changes to January and spring term schedules. The proposal suggests starting the spring semester on January 18 and ending in April. Instead of holding January term, students would be off...

The Linfield Angle: Students and voter turnout in 2020

Students who vote this year will likely be submitting ballots by mail.

Annemarie Mullet, Staff Writer

October 12, 2020

The Linfield Angle is a new series by The Linfield Review which seeks to amplify student voices about larger issues in the national and state news. If you have a topic you feel personally connected to or would like to see featured as an installment, email [email protected]   The upcoming...

Students successfully following mask guidelines

Student Katie Phillips masked up on the way to class.

Maddie Loverich, Sports Editor

October 10, 2020

Students at Linfield University have been conscientious about complying with mask protocols, according to campus safety officials.  Linfield Public Safety Emergency Management Coordinator Doug Cummins credits the ability to continue in-person instruction to the strong health policies in place and stude...

ASLU Brief: Free postage for mail-in ballots for students

October 9, 2020

ASLU Cabinet announced to Senate that any mail-in ballot for Oregon elections can be dropped off at the Linfield mail room. The mail room is an official ballot drop point. Any out of state mail-in ballots can also be given to the mail room and provided with free postage. Upcoming Events Virtual 5k all day ...

Linfield University adopts new Title IX and Student Code policies, in line with federal changes

Linfield University adopts new Title IX and Student Code policies, in line with federal changes

Anna Frazier, News Editor

October 3, 2020

Linfield University recently adopted new Title IX and Student Code of Conduct policies. These changes came in lieu of Department of Education regulations announced in May that shifted the 2011 Title IX sexual assault procedures from guidelines to federal law. They went into effect on August 14, 2020....

Linfield remains optimistic about spring 2021 study abroad

Linfield study abroad takes students all over the world, such as Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Anne Walkup, Staff Writer

September 25, 2020

Though COVID-19 still threatens to interfere, Linfield’s International Programs Office (IPO) is keeping spring 2021 study abroad opportunities on the table.  Director of International Programs, Shaik Ismail, said that many of Linfield’s study abroad programs begin as late as the end of Februar...

ASLU Brief: Student Life Director name change back to Student Center Director

September 25, 2020

Due to confusion surrounding the Cabinet position of the Student Life Director, ASLU Senate voted to change the name in the bylaws. The position will now be referred to as Student Center Director (SCD). Applications for a new SCD close September 30, 2020. Any inquiries that would normally go to the...

ASLU Brief: ’20-’21 Senate reviews ASLU governing policies

ASLU Brief: '20-'21 Senate reviews ASLU governing policies

Anna Frazier, News Editor

September 10, 2020

The recently-appointed 2020-2021 ASLU Senate met for the second time on Tuesday evening. This year, the Senate is comprised of at least two representatives from each class and two transfer students, though there are several additional members. The body reviewed proposed changes to the Senate Standing Rules and ASLU By-Laws, specifically the dissolution of formal Senate committees and increasi...

An orange glow engulfs McMinnville campus as Oregon wildfires rage on

An orange sky turned familiar places, like Linfield Ave., into scenes reminiscent of post-apocalyptic movies such as Blade Runner.

Anna Frazier and Alexandra Feller

September 9, 2020

Active wildfires as close as Stayton and strong winds shrouded much of Oregon and Washington in smoke, starting on Tuesday. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued an air quality advisory for the Willamette Valley that is likely to remain in effect until Thursday. McMinnville’s ...