Professor takes a new approach to biology

Kyle Huizinga, Staff writer

Andrew Black is a new visiting professor in biology, and is currently teaching Principles of Biology and lab classes at Linfield College’s McMinnville Campus.

Black’s love for animals, specifically sea life, is what drove him to at- tempt a career in commercial fishing in Alaska.

It was there in the freezing waters off the Alaskan coast that he realized his genuine passion was for marine life and biology.

After leaving the fishing industry, he decided to get a doctorate in Integrative Biology at Lehigh University and focused his research on popula- tion genomics.

After receiving his doctorate, Black conducted postgraduate research at Portland State University, studying spring Chinook salmon genetics.

Professor Chad Tillberg, head of the biology department, said Black’s “research in fish ecology and evolution brings an interesting a unique perspective to the biology department.”

Black described his teaching style as a more modern and less formal approach, relying less on traditional lecture and more on interactive modes of learning.

This style keeps his classes exciting and hands-on for students who may struggle with lecture heavy classes.

Linfield senior Hayden Cooksy is currently enrolled in Black’s lab class and commented, “[Black] is a really cool guy who enjoys working with students.”

Professor Black believes the most crucial factor for any student success is an understanding that 90 percent of succeeding in college or any aspect of life is determination.

Intelligence can only get you so far, but grit and the ability to work hard will lead to success within higher education.