Start off your school year sustainably

With the new school year starting up, students are being faced with new responsibilities. As we are all learning to adapt to new school schedules, that will inevitably take up most of our time, it is easy to fall into the habit of forgetting to do the little things throughout the day that help make campus “greener” and more sustainable.
We know, as college students, we already have a lot to think about and focus on each and every day, but if you can just remember a few tips on how to be more environmentally conscious, the campus as a whole can greatly benefit.
Sophmore Katherine Takaoka, a member of the Greenfield club on campus, said that one of the main things students can do is be conscious about how long of a shower he or she takes. We know it can be relaxing to take a long shower, especially after a work out or a game, but cutting back can make a difference all across campus by reducing the water usage.
Secondly, a lot of energy can be saved if students unplug electronics in their rooms when they leave. It may seem like a bit of an inconvenience at first, but if students make a habit of unplugging laptops, phones and lamps, we can reduce the school’s energy consumption.
Thirdly, recycling plays a big role in having a green campus. It’s easy to simply throw away a pop can or water bottle in your residence hall or apartment, but if students look around campus, they will see several buildings and locations that have labeled recycling bins.
Last but not least, consider reading an article for a class online rather than printing it. A ton of paper gets wasted in Nicholson Library and in Renshaw Hall, and reading online can help cut back on that issue.
We would like to challenge students to keep these tips in mind when they carry out their daily routines.
Overall, keep in mind that small actions by students can warrant big changes for the environment that surrounds us.

-The Review Editorial Board

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